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Rant 1
Scott Pilgram
So the past couple of weeks have been a weird emotional limbo. I’ve been bottling up my emotions for the past three weeks or so in hopes that something GOOD would happen and everything would get better. But the bottle smashed into a million pieces today and I had to fucking deal with it.

It started about a week before I had to put my dog Prince to sleep. Prince had many health problems, among them being an enlarged heart and arthritis in his hips. He had been doing so good for about 3 or four months, but the last week of October he just… made a turn for the worse. He had a very, very bad cough, and there’s really nothing worse than hearing a dog cough, all day, and all night. I didn’t sleep much, because you can’t sleep when you hear that retching sound outside your door. When he started coughing, it hurt him to cough laying down, so he would have to stand up, but with the degree of arthritis he had, staying standing for any period of time was extremely painful. He eventually started collapsing, because he couldn’t hold himself up any more.

On Halloween, the Sunday before we put him down, I was home alone with him. My parents were at some picnic or something. The day before had been a great day for me. I had gone to Furloween, hung out with a lot of great people, and all together had an amazing time. All of those good feelings disappeared when I walked onto the back porch to find that Prince had been coughing so hard that he shit all over himself and he couldn’t stand up to do anything about it. I didn’t know what to do. He was too heavy to pick up, and I couldn’t get him to stand and go out into the yard so I could clean him up. I sat there for an hour trying to get a hold of my parents, but neither of them would answer their fucking phone, even though they ALWAYS say “call us if you need us!” and Jesus Christ did I need them.

It was after that incident that we decided it would be best to put him to sleep. We should have done that Friday honestly… he was suffering, and his last days were not comfortable. We’d waited to long, hoping he’d go peacefully in his sleep. When that didn’t happen, we finally called the vet. Prince was too big, and too in pain to take him to a pet hospital. Luckily, we have a vet that makes house calls. I was so scared; I couldn’t be in the room when they did it… But I sat with him afterwards. It was nice to see him so calm and peaceful… I hadn’t seen him like that in years, really. I gave him one last kiss on the nose before we had a service come that would take his body and cremate it, and bring the ashes back to us. He was treated with just as much respect as a human would.

After that, it was just a sneaky hate spiral of lots of bad, stupid little things happening one after the other.

My personal laptop stopped working, so I had to send it to HP to get it fixed. I was stuck with my dads old 2002 HP. It didn’t even have any kind of word processor on it. I had to download Word 2003, which doesn’t help me much because all of my notes and homework are in Word 2007. Anything more complicated than playing solitaire will make this laptop just shut down, so no facebook games, no flash games, no DVDs or Netflix instant watch. The laptop just can’t fucking handle anything that complicated. My music was all on my personal laptop, so I didn’t even have that. All the stupid little things I had been using to get my mind off of my loss were unavailable to me.

Finally some good things happened. I got to make marshmallows, my brother got engaged, I got a hair cut and dye, and I was feeling pretty good. I made a shadow box for my Prince, which certainly helped me cope.

And then finally this Monday, I got my laptop back from HP. I could finally do homework, listen to my music, and play stupid games. Everything was finally looking up!

But then, to finally smash the bottle of emotions onto the ground, I get to school this morning and my motherfucking laptop won’t turn on. Again.

So now I have to send it BACK to HP. Again.

And now I’m stuck with my dad’s bullshit old laptop. Again.

And it’s nearing the end of the semester. So I have a ton of projects due. Projects that require programs that this bullshit laptop just can’t handle. So now I’m going to have to spend most of my weekends and holiday at the library or at my college, just so I can finish my projects.

All day today I’ve just been fucking numb as hell. I’ve shifted from angry to sad, to maybe things will get better, then looking ahead at all the work I have to do and realizing it won’t.

Self-Interview 11- Furries, Friends, Pumpkins and Parties
Scott Pilgram

I see you removed the "daily" part from the title.

I'm not getting into this with you >:|

Fine fine. Are we working backwards or forwards today?

Uhm... foooorwards I think. We'll start with Halloween.

What did you do for Halloween!

I saw a rockin' movie and went to TWO rockin' parties!


KAI! So the Friday before Halloween I picked up Michael. The plan was to get him a Halloween costume, but that didn't happen. Got him a pumpkin instead. Damn good looking pumpkin too. After we got the pumpkin, we went to the Fashion Square Mall to see Paranormal Activity 2!

WHOA was it awesome?

It was pretty damn awesome. And very very scary. It got a few good jumps out of me, which is kind of difficult to do considering how much I love horror. I won't say it was scary-ER than the first one... but it was pretty damn scary. One funny thing about it though was the pool cleaner. Every time I saw the pool cleaner I giggled. Michael and I named the pool cleaner Travis. Travis didn't save the day, but he was still a pivotal character!

So what did you do on Saturday?

Saturday was party day! I went to my big brothers Pumpkin Carving Party, as well as Furloween. Most of the day was spent making cupcakes! I made two different types of cupcakes, because I had two different kinds of cupcake liners! I got some discounted Martha Stuart cupcake liners. One was black with, like, red blood dripping down the sides, and the other was a parchment color with blood splattered. So I put red velvet cupcakes in the black ones and pumpkin spice in the splatter ones. They looked killer!

I also finished my accessories for bo-peep costume. I looked awesome! I had cute little ears, a collar with a bell, and the arm warmers were so soft and awesome. Any way, Michael came to pick me up and take me to the pumpkin carving party, and frankly he was a fucking buzz kill. The first thing he did when he came was he started talking about how fucking depressed he was or some shit. Then he forgot to go to an ATM and get cash, so that was a fucking waste of time too...

Click here for costume pictureCollapse )
Any way, we got to my brothers house for the pumpkin party. It was fun for the few hours we were there. I carved my DOMO pumpkin, and Michael did an LOLFACE pumpkin. Totally awesome. There were some great costumes, and great pumpkins. The coolest one was my brother’s pumpkin, and one that looked like a VW bug. Coolest costume was mine (teehee!) and Sarah's sushi costume. My cupcakes were a big hit!

Click here for pumpkins!Collapse )
After our pumpkins were carved, Michael and I headed to Furloween. It kind of sucked being two hours late. We got there in time for the costume party and dinner. There were some awesome fur suits! I really felt, like, super happy dancing with a bunch of crazy furs! Michael turned into a buzz kill once again when he said he wanted to leave, at, like,
11:30. FUCK THAT! I paid 30 bucks to get into this party, I'm gonna stay the whole damn time! I swear, next time I'm going on my own. If he wants to be a buzz kill and leave next time, fine. But I'm sticking around till 2AM like everyone else.

Sounds awesome! Glad you gad a great time!

Sure did! Only problems right now is the fact that my laptop is in the shop, and I'm on my dad’s old dinosaur laptop. This thing is a piece of crap...

I'm going to write a separate journal entry about my baby prince...

Daily Self-Interview 10- Car Shows, Birthdays, Felt and Fleece
Scott Pilgram

Let me guess "so much for doing this every day?"


Yeah yeah. Sure you are. You have a lot to catch up on you know.

Yeah I know... fail whale. I get it. Whatever. Let's just cover the important stuff okay?

You got it! Tell me about... 2 weekends ago. The car show one.

Okay! So my dad and I have been doing a lot of Father/Daughter bonding lately. It's been pretty great! Started 2 weeks ago when Dad and I went over to Clearwater for a car show. It was just Dad and me, because mom decided not to come with us. She said it's because she didn't have anyone to take care of the dogs. Either way, it ended up being a great time for me and my dad. The first day we were there it was just us. We went to Maggie May's for breakfast, and then pretty much just hung out before Justin and Lydia got there. They brought up dads other Jag and the Mini. When Justin and Lydia got there we went to Bone Fish Grill for an epic dinner.

The next day was the day of the car show. Dad, Justin and I went to the car show while Lydia went to get her hair cut. Driving in the convertible is murder on my hair though... I'll remember to wear a hat or something next time. We had lunch at the Columbia with Ginger and Mike, and then headed back to the condo to get ready for the banquet. I drove back with Lydia in the Mini. I used to get the feeling she didn't like me... but not so much anymore. We kind of got to bond a little on the drive.

So after we all got cleaned up and dressed it was RIGHT back to the car show for awards and dinner. Dinner was pretty awesome. I had delicious sliced pork with a plum sauce and mashed potatoes, and for dessert had this super epically sweet chocolate torte. Dad won some award for the car show, but he also won the Unsung Hero award! It was awesome, my dad was shocked x3

But the Father/Daughter bonding didn't end there did it?

Nope! Last weekend we celebrated my dad’s birthday! My dad turned 60 last Monday, but we started celebrating on Friday. We took my dad to Ember restaurant, where we surprised him with Auntie Anna and Erin, Randy, and John Paul. My dad was pretty shocked to see him. After dinner at Ember we went to SAK comedy lab, where we met up with a LOT more people. My dad thought we were just going to SAK with the Orlando Garden Club... We ended up having him roasted! The guys at SAK did a musical of my dad’s life. It was really hilarious. He was embarrassed, but I think he loved it.

The next day, dad and I went to the UF vs LSU game. We drove up to Gainesville in the Mini, Tailgated with all of my cousins and second cousins and tailgating friends we have there. Then we went to an epic fail game. We lost, but it was more like the game was stolen from us. Pissed me off so bad. But whatever. Dad and I still had a good time.

So glad you got to spend so much time with your dad! What did you do this weekend?

THIS weekend has been awesome! Catherine came over yesterday for craft day! It was supposed to be origami day, but then we decided that origami was too much of a pain in the ass so we were like "pfft forget that." So we had some pizza rolls when she came over, then we went off to the Hobby Lobby, got some supplies, then headed off to Dong-A to get some super Asian snacks. Then the crafting began! Rin made a mini panda plushie and a kappa plushie, and I managed to make 1 sleeve for my bo-peep costume. It looks real cute though! I need to get started on the other ones. For dinner last night we made mushroom udon soup and pork dumplings. This morning we had pancakes and bacon with Justin and Lydia too. It was great!

Well, I'm glad the past 3 weeks have been awesome. Thanks for the update, lazy pants XD


Daily Self-Interview 9 - Baguettes and Dirty Pipes
Scott Pilgram

You made it! Hooray! I thought you were gonna totally crap out on me!

I was considering it!

Hey now. No need to be like that.

You're right. I'm sorry :(

So how was your day?

Kind of awesome! And then it turned into kind of not awesome...

Well lets start with the awesome.

I made bread today! And not lame ass quick breads either! We made, like, real bread! We made multi-grain dinner rolls and baguettes! Click here for a photo! Totally delicious. They weren’t necessarily difficult, but they took a long time, with all the proofing and fermentation and stuff, but it was so worth it. The Baguettes came out perfectly. They were crunchy outside and nice and chewy inside. The multi-grain rolls over fermented, apparently, so the crumb was... not good, according to Chef Tony, but I sure thought they were good!

Well yay! So what was the bad part?

Our house is falling apart!

Not really. When I got home, I wanted to take a shower, so I stepped into the shower and there was NO water pressure. The water was just dribbling out. So I went and got dad, and when he turned on the water, the faucet threw up this nasty black stuff! It was like, grainy. And I had seen little black flecks coming out of the faucet for a long time, but this time it was like, gushing! SO gross. So I didn't get to take my shower, but whatever. That's what dry shampoo is for.

Bed time! Nighty night x3

Interview of the Month- Lazy Ass!
Scott Pilgram

Jordan Michelle Falco! Where in the HELL have you been?!

OH MY GOD I KNOW! I haven’t posted in like, a month! And I was supposed to post every DAY!

I'm very disappointed in you Jordan. You have a whole months worth of updating to do!

I know I know! Don't remind me. I already feel terrible about it. It won't happen again!

Okay... I believe you. And I'm gonna forgive you this time, but don't do it again!

I won't! I swear! For my own sake XD

Alright... Good. Get started. Let’s start with classes. Specialty Breads first.

Okie dokie! So all we've done in Specialty Breads so far are quick breads, like biscuits and muffins and stuff. We start yeast breads tomorrow! I'm very excited about it. A few weeks ago though, Chef Tony had a talk with me before class. Apparently, TWO people had complained that I was "short" with them. Sigh. Personality traits coming to bite me in the ass again. My partner and I talked about it and decided that I would be less blunt and she would be less sensitive. Whatever. It's the curse of my personality. I've been like this for YEARS.

Yikes. You should work on that, Miss People Person. Next class is Food and Beverage Management. How's that going?

Surprisingly enough, I'm actually enjoying that class very much. It's a lot of homework, which is actually quite easy. And we're doing a project about opening our own restaurant, which I'm enjoying very much. I feel like if I do good on that project, that means I have a good grasp on what the real world is gonna be like.

Good! Hope that one stays enjoyable. Next up isssssss Baking Ingredients and Technology!

I love and hate that class. Love it because I'm learning a lot in it, and we get to bake something new every week and it's all kinds of fun. Hate because we were given the choice to either do half of the homework questions, or do all of the questions for extra credit. So of course I do all of the questions for the extra credit (TOTALLY worth it) but it takes forever most nights. It just runs me ragged.

Take it easy, baby girl. You don't want to burn out too fast. What about Food and Beverage Cost Control

Hate it. Absolutely hate it. It's one of those classes with a lot of lecture, and the fact that the professor doesn’t engage us at all, and has a droning voice plus an accent... I just cannot concentrate in that class. I'm way better off just reading the book and taking my own notes. I spend the whole class playing games and just not paying attention.

Well that's a shame... don't get behind. You'll regret it.

I know that... Any way... Not much going on besides just generally feeling tired ALL THE TIME XD whatever. I'll get to regular updated tomorrow!

Daily Self-Interview 8 - Books and Biscuits
Scott Pilgram


DAMN you're excited today.

I just wanna know how it went! Details woman! Not the drivel you put together yesterday!

Okay okay! So I got up this morning around 9:30 (my alarm went off at 9 though). I spent most of the morning spazzing and getting my back pack and stuff all organized and making sure I had everything ready to go. I had a scrambled egg for breakfast, which I totally regret. I so wish I had eaten more...

Any way, when mom left to volunteer at the church this morning she seemed kind of disappointed that she didn't get to see me in my full chef’s uniform. So after I finally got dressed and got all my shit together, I headed out really so I could stop at the church and let her see. She was very excited and had me show my baking kit and bento box to her church friends. It was all very exciting!

When I finally got to school I went to the book store and got my book for Specialty Breads. That book is fucking HEAVEY! Holly shit. Huge book. But beautiful book. Anyway, after I got it I spent some time in the Student Lounge with Jamika flipping through said book before going to class.

After a few trips to my car, class finally started. Chef Tony is pretty cool, and I'm happy to report that I'm not the only total NEWB in the class. It's comforting to know when you're not alone in your ignorance. We went over the syllabus, sat through some lecture, then headed into the kitchen to make biscuits!

I wish I had partnered up with someone who knew the kitchen. I was with another newb, who I know from a previous class, but sill... I feel better when I'm paired with someone who knows what they're doing... It was a lot of measuring and some confusion, but it went well. I got to cut the cold butter into the dry ingredients, which was fun, getting my hands dirty. Then my partner took over kneading the dough and cutting it, which gave me the perfect chance to clean up our work station and get that out of the way before anyone else.

I think Chef Tony likes me... I mean, he was nice enough, and very helpful, as were most of the other students who did know what they were doing. Best part is, there are only 9 people in the class, so it isn't difficult to get feedback or ask for help.

I didn't get to eat that delicious bento I made yesterday, but its okay. After I raced home from school I dropped my stuff, put on some normal clothes and went out to dinner with mom and dad with the Garden Club at Harmoni. I had a salad, some tomato soup, and meatballs with whole wheat penne. After a whole day of surviving off of a scrambled egg, it was good to get some food in me.

When we got home, Justin and Lydia were in the living room watching Wipeout. They're so funny. I gave Justin one of my biscuits before they left.

With the most stress inducing class out of the way, and only 3 more to go, I can concentrate on packing for our trip to Clearwater this Thursday <3

Daily Self-Interview 7 - Bentos and Blood Pressure
Scott Pilgram

-poke- Journal time!

Do I have to?

Of course you do. You have to do it EVERY DAY.

I KNOW damn it. Okay. Today was just fine. I got up, wnet to Barns and Nobel to get a dry erase board, which actually made my life a lot easier. When I got home, I made this AWESOME BENTO which I posted to [info]bentolunch.

Just... trying to get ready for tomorrow. I'm nervous about my first class tomorrow :( Worried about alot. Just nervous I guess... off to bed soon...

That was boring, Jordan.


Daily Self-Interview 6 - White Stripes and Sunday Dinner
Scott Pilgram

Happy Sunday! Actually, It's Monday now. You're late again!

I know, I know. Don't rub it in, Alter-Ego Serenity!

Oh, so the italics have a name now?

Yes. Yes they do.

Well thank you... I appreciate that. How was your day?

Quite fulfilling actually! I spend the whole day planning Sunday Dinner. And it was awesome!

Oh! What was on the menu?

Beer marinated and grilled pork chops, pan fried pirogies with sautéed onions, green beans steamed in butter then sprinkled with almonds, parker house rolls, and some ginger molasses cookies for dessert! It was all very tasty indeed.

Click here to see the marinade recipe!Collapse )
Well that sounds downright delicious! Did you do anything else?

I did! I watched an awesome documentary on the White Stripes. It was called The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights. It was about the White Stripes' tour of Canada and all the tiny venues they played. They're a really great band and did a lot of cool stuff. They played shows in cities that don't usually get big shows. It was very inspiring really.

Well, that'd just grand. Glad you had a good day!

Me too! Gonna do some last minute school shopping tomorrow; maybe go by the school to get another book... Work work work!

Daily Self-Interview 5 - New Hair and Red Chairs
Scott Pilgram

Oh hai! How was your--

ersfnekjgtfnkljew IT HAS BEEN AWESOME :D!!!!

WHOA! Five exclamation points AND jibberish? What could possibly make you that happy?

New hair!!!

Click here to see it!Collapse )

Looks awesome!

I know! I've always looked good with a classic bob cut. This one is just... super short. But I love it. It's gonna be perfect for being in the kitchen

So what else did you do, beside get your hair chopped off?

I went to the Red Chair Affair!

:O What's that?!

It's the kick off show for the Orlando Arts Season! It's basically a benefit where several arts groups from around Orlando come to give a little performance sample. Some of my favorites were La Nouba, SAK Comedy Lab, the Orlando Gay Chorus, and YOW Dance.

Sounds fun! Anything else?

Uhm... Nope! Not really. Got my ugly pants back form the alterations place, and that's about it! Yay!
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Daily Self-Interview 4 - Time Wasteing
Scott Pilgram


Hello there Jordan. How has the day treated you?

Well enough. I kind of have a headache right now... but I gottta do what I gotta do!

Journal you mean? Are you really going to do this every day?

I'm gonna try!

Well good on ya! So, what did you do on this lovely Friday?

Not much. I pretty much made an excuse to get out of the house. I told mom I had to go get a note book for my classes, because obviously I can't have my lap top in the kitchen win me. So I headed out to Barns & Nobel, got a fancy 3 subject note book, and the "I Can Has Cheezburger" book. I pretty much just wasted time walking around B&N, before getting some lunch at Chik-fl-A. I took a nice long drive, and then headed home.

My internet hasn't been working very well today, so I took the time to read the first chapter of "How Baking Works". Kind of confusing, but very interesting. It was all about accuracy, measurements and weighing ingredients. I'll probably read chapter 2 tomorrow.

Justin and Lydia came over for dinner. I had a meatball Calzone and some Caesar Salad. It was yummeh. However, mom and dad have been at each other’s fucking throats since Tuesday. It's driving me crazy. Christ.

Well, it does sound pretty boring. Doing anything exciting tomorrow?

Funny you should ask! I'm getting a haircut. Pretty short too, I think. I'm actually vey excited about it. Then tomorrow night we're going to the Red Chair Affair. Need to look hot! It's gonna be fun though.

Any way. Going to bed soon!

Nighty Night!


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